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The story of our roots sunk in the heart of hospitality in Versilia and the stories of a legendary grandfather

pasta in the hat

Imagine an idle sunday of heat in a country town in the post-war period. Imagine an Italy that is not at war, but still can not have fun. Imagine a paved court, the stuffed chairs leaning against the wall next to the doors, green curtains set at the entrances create a few inches of undulating shadow. Someone goes to mass, but not everyone. Someone talks about the thief government, but not many. Many doze. Imagine a mountain facing the village, that if you climb on the tip and you turn to the sea, the look falls right in the square, in the courts, on the chairs occupied by tired bored mebra.

Now, in this scenario, add a restless youngster who, more than anything else, has an obsession and idleness, in an Italy to be invented, who walks up the mountain full of strange objects, you can see a pot under the arm, a straw hat on the head, followed by two women - but doubtful but believers - who exchange questioning looks. At the top he lights the fire, takes out a megaphone from his pebble and leans out: 'PEOPLE! THE PASTASCIUTTA IS COOKED! Hasten! ' the last vowel had not yet finished hissing in his mouth, which, to his own astonishment, saw the chairs slipping backward, driven by tense calves, ready to shoot, as if they were waiting for nothing but being shaken by their torpor.

The sparkle in the eyes, the mocking smile, throw the dough into the pot that simmers, pulls out a cylindrical metal container from which appears a red scented pulp, you see heads on the path that proceed slow but regular, 'LEDA PASS THE COLAPASTA!' - 'The colander ??? but did not you get it? the first people, the youngest and most hungry, appear on the horizon, bring their hands to their heads, as a sign of surrender. Or maybe not. 'THE HAT, LEDA, THE HAT! HELP ME, REVEAL! ' and laughs

I introduce you to Bixio and its first experience in catering. Who was there ensures that this was a memorable day of conviviality.

I do not know if we can equal it, but I promise we'll give it all. And even if the colander we bought it, the genes are those;) Let's start celebrating together the 60th anniversary of the inauguration with a nice convivial lunch, as you would like to

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3 reasons to choose our hotel
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3 reasons to choose our hotel

We want to give you 3 valid reasons why it is worth choosing our hotel in Lido di Camaiore on the Versilia coast.

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Hotel Bixio in Lido di Camaiore is accessible to disabled people. Our hotel is also located less than one km from the Versilia Hospital.

Safe Hospitality
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Safe Hospitality

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